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Photographing people is considerably more difficult for me then my usual subject matter. I have always been drawn to more natural subjects; close-ups of nature, decaying fruit , spraying water, toys, distorting fragments of the body,throw any of these things at me and I’ll crank out an image confidently and efficiently. Fruit doesn’t have to worry about sunlight shining in eyes,  awkward looking arms, or if its peel clashes with the background. People are peculiar. Everyone has a “believed” bad angle. No one has enough time or patience. And if you use an image that doesn’t make them look completely flawless, well, forget it. Sometimes it’s tough for me being a Photography student. I have extremely supportive friends and family, but when it comes to taking pictures of them, well, they are all anything but willing. I am not the type of person to push other people, especially when it comes to invading and distributing their personal image, therefore I have always found my subject matter elsewhere. I am not complaining, I usually find my surroundings more interesting anyways but being it almost the end of my college experience, and with my fear of finding a sustainable income steadily mounting, I have begun to get nervous about my lack of portrait experience. That is where my good friend D.J. comes in.

D.j. is a full-time electronic salesman for Sears, Part-time student at a local community college, and (more importantly) aspiring model. His dream is to break into the entertainment business, be it through music or modeling. So far, we have done four photo shoots, and already I can see such an improvement in both of us. With each new picture, he is slowly and surely becoming more confident and relaxed, as I am getting much more assertive  in directions and fluent with my camera. It’s been great working with someone who is eager to improve and whose dream, like mine, may seem unconventional or not practical.  He has reminded me that no dream is too big, no goal too far, We can all do whatever we want to do and rightfully, we should. Because each day that goes by, is just another day closer to our dreams.

Anyway, Here are some shots we have done over the past couple months. They have a bit of a tough-guy aesthetic to them, because as I said, it’s all about the client.

Give me feedback, and if your interested in working with me, please let me know. I would love some new models!

2 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I strongly believe this is the best blog site i have ever seen… its extremely informative on what you are doing as a person Jacque, and i think it shows a very diverse range of talent. In addition, i feel your skills are clearly showcased and your portfolio is exemplified in all of the work shown on this page. I look forward to more creative ideas that you have to offer as well as the discovery that your many talents hold no bounds….

  2. I agree with the guy above. Your blog looks really organized presenting both your work and writing together. I know what you mean about the breaking the barrier in portraiture. I have done a few shoots (update on my blog soon). I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this pursuit.

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