A day like any other

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Well.. it’s finally happened. After nearly 2 months of wearing my last wish from Rivane Neuenschwander participatory art piece, I wish Your Wish,  my bracelet has finally falllen off. The final wish has alas, come true.

Rivane Neuenschwander’s mid-career survey, A Day Like Any Other, is undoubtedly one of my favorite exhibitions I have seen this past year. From the magical room of raindrops only able to be heard through complete silence, the suspenseful but beautiful film of a fragile wandering bubble, or the wall of First Love drawings, where a hired character artist sketches museum go-ers descriptions by memory of their first love.. this exhibition is thought-provoking and fun at the same time.

But the most awe-inspiring moment (for me at least) is I wish Your Wish. A large gallery dedicated to thousands of hanging ribbons, with people from the last cities (it’s a traveling exhibition) wishes written upon them. The idea originates from Brazilian tradition where one ties, a ribbon three times on the gates near churches while making a wish. When the ribbon falls off, it is believed the wish has come true. For the exhibition, you write your own wish on a tiny piece of paper then take a ribbon off the wall and place your wish where it was. One wish in exchange for another.

I saw it at SMOCA but it  was originally shown at the New Museum in NYC. It is currently at the Miami Art Museum and still traveling so check it out. 

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