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contemporary art

Cynthia Daignault’s artist website here.
View more work by Cynthia Daignault here. 
5513ec6c2aabc02fea71ac8d40a78d0a-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, I love you more than one more day. 2013.

2f6eee7577f4ee02d4e173d12a996b3c-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Do we mean love, and when we say love?, 2012.

1caa79943b9038b14a254a15efe38e96-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Screen Test: No Signal and Screen Test: Test Screen, 2011.

782de1c2dca27d85ed9f1918f554796a-jpg-1500-1500-falseInstallation view: Cynthia Daignault, CCTV Monitor, 2012.

6c3869efa7167a2bb450bc1e0c31014d-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, CCTV Monitor, 2012.

b10f8b729660c24504af7a386ae7ba8f-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, CCTV Monitor, 2012.

705d778de3823c7468c9d9d1a9681d3a-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault,The one I shall now describe, if I can… 2011.

8247e2d03d8f6a045835027aa2a3eb2c-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Das Tauschregal [Installation View: Day 1] 2014.

b38f9c3da3f82c599f411c8c42b05758-jpg-1500-1500-falseCynthia Daignault, Das Tauschregal [Installation View: Day 10], 2014.

shades inbetween


Visit Alex Boyd’s artist website here. 

Alex Boyd




04-Dun-Briste-2012-wet-plate-collodion-Digital-print-1m-x-0.75all works Alex Boyd, Untitled from The Point of Deliverance. 

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle– Walt Whitman


dismantle it


more work by Lewis Baltz here. faa6b12a2191578a1f91a7dff487c2e7Lewis Baltz, Tract House no. 24, From the series The Tract Houses, 1971.

69ce973815fc76d7bfbabd26d1f5307cLewis Baltz, Tract House no. 22, From the series The Tract Houses, 1971.

385badf5c24a831944c99a4e94ee0a37Lewis Baltz, Tract House no.6, From the series The Tract Houses, 1971.

49263938ed581bd97b763bf53b9cfa2aLewis Baltz, Tract House no. 5, From the series The Tract Houses, 1971.

I used photography to distance myself from a world that I loathed and was powerless to improve. – Lewis Baltz



My Photography


city totem





Read this article discussing the impact the camera phone has had on society and watch the trailer for the documentary, Brave New Camera. 

Standard – Artist Who Make Pieces


Visit Jeff Brouws’ website here.
Jeff Brouws, Surveillance Cameras  from Typologies series. 
trucks2Jeff Brouws, Partially Painted Pickup Trucks from Typologies series. 

signsJeff Brouws, Signs without Signification from Typologies series.  storageJeff Brouws, Storage Units from Typologies series.

semioticsJeff Brouws, Semiotics Vernaculus from Typologies series.  malls2Jeff Brouws, Strip Malls from Typologies series.

driveins_cJeff Brouws, Drive-ins (Color) from Typologies series.

gas2 gas1Jeff Brouws, Twentysix Abandoned Gasoline Stations; Portfolio I and II from Typologies series.

I travel a lot, but I don’t come away with new inspiration. – Edward Ruscha

overlooked relics


Allison Rossiter’s artist website here. Alison_Rossiter_Darko_Sears_Roebuck_expired_May_1928_processed_201_5688_417Allison Rossiter, Darko (Sears Roebuck), expired May 1928, processed 2011, Unique Gelatin Silver Print. 

large-alison_rossiter-defender_argo-expired_september_1911-processed_2014-5Allison Rossiter, Defender Argo, expired September 1911, processed 2014 From the series Landscapes, Gelatin Silver Print.


Allison Rossiter, Columbian Cyko, exact expiration date unknown, ca. 1910, processed 2012 – Sold Out, Unique Gelatin Silver Print.

large-alison_rossiter-sears_roebuck_darko_rough-exact_expiration_date_unknown-ca_1930s-processed_in_2011-4Allison Rossiter, Sears Roebuck Darko Rough, exact expiration date unknown, ca. 1930s, processed in 2011, Gelatin Silver Print.

Read more about Allison Rossiter and see her show on view at Yossi Milo Gallery. 


Go to Dana Buhl’s website here. 





ReciprocityOfLooking-004[all images] Dana Buhl, Untitled from The Reciprocity of Looking, 2014

Explore Dana Buhl’s exhibition space, The Table here. 


finding it

contemporary art
Visit Oliver Laric’s website here.
Oliver Laric, 2000 Cliparts 2011. Oliver Laric, Versions 2012. 
Oliver Laric, Versions 2010. 
Oliver Laric, Versions 2009.
Oliver Laric, Domains

Some of my favorite artworks and movies have only been described to me. A description can generate new work while acting as a portrait of the person retelling the idea, plot, etc. –
Oliver Laric


My Photography


washington square park

Wilson Ave

madison square post office


bryant parkPhotography is not as much a witness of history as a destruction of history. – Claudia Sohrens

technologic magic

contemporary art
View more work by Brian Bress here.
BB_Nevio_WEBBrian Bress, Still from Nevio de Zolt’s Window 2013.
brian_bress_alex_960x640Brian Bress, Alex, 2010.
Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 8.23.58 AMBrian Bress, still from (Firemen #2 on blue, green and purple lines) 2014. view video here. 
BB_SoldiersOcean_WEBBrian Bress, Still from Soldier’s Ocean (Luca) 2013.

this and that

Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson, Untitled from Other Pictures. Joe Johnson’s website here. 
Matthew LeifheitSam Clarke, Untitled. Sam Clarke’s artist website here. 


Artists’ Aura

Arnold Newman’s portraits of the most loved and known artists of the 20th century, caught my eye at Howard Greenberg Gallery‘s booth at The Art Show
Visit Arnold Newman’s artist website here. Louise_Nevelson,_New_York,_NY,_1972
Arnold Newman, Louise Nevelson, New York, NY 1972.
Donald_Judd,_New_York,_NY,_1973Arnold Newman, Donald Judd, New York, NY 1973.
Claes_Oldenburg,_New_York,_NY,_1967Arnold Newman, Claes Oldenburg, New York, NY 1967.
I.M._Pei,_New_York,_NY,_1967Arnold Newman, I.M. Pei
Marcel_Duchamp,_New_York,_NY,_1966Arnold Newman, Marcel Duchamp, New York, NY 1966
Ansel_Adams,_1975Arnold Newman, Ansel Adams 1975. 
Henri_Cartier-Bresson,_New_York,_NY,_1947Arnold Newman, Henri-Cartier Bresson, New York, NY 1947. 
Salvador_Dali,_New_York,_NY,_1951Arnold Newman, Salvador Dali, New York, NY 1951.
Spent the past week strategically catching as many of the art fairs and art happenings around NYC. Through the nearly constant side-stepping to dodge being an extra in someone’s art selfie or instagram post, I can’t help but wonder how many of the artists that fill the booths today will actually make it into the history courses and how many are leftover having their moment now that is just as fleeting as the flash on the camera that comes between today’s viewer and any true experience with art.

arting’ around.

contemporary art
IMG_4573 (1)Jackie Mock, Paint collected from Various New York City Subway Stations, 2013 @ the Spring/Break Art Show. artist website here. 
nam june paikNam June Paik, Video Chandelier X, 1990 @ James Cohen Gallery.
IMG_0150Gerhard Richter, 11-Scheiben (11-Panes) (886-3), 2003 @ High Museum of Art in Atlanta. 
IMG_4418Janet Cardiff, The Forty Part Motet, 2001 @ the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. 
yossi miloAssaf Shaham, installation view of Division of the Vision @ Yossi Milo Gallery. 
photoshowclose up of photographs from Social Photography IV, a collection of cell phone photographs @ Carriage Trade
phillip stearnsPhillip Stearns, Fragmented Memory, 2013 @ Onishi Gallery with Partner, NYFA. 
ps1Samara Golden, The Flat Side of the Knife, 2015 @ MoMA PS1.
IMG_0144Chris Olfili, Installation view of Night and Day @ New Museum.
also this.

as dust alights

My Photography

Although I am not quite ready to regularly post content again I was informed it’s my five year anniversary of publishing this site and for that, I celebrate with a new round of photographs. 

The Ride snowtunnel onlyyou untitled bushwick grocery my paris snowpocalyse First Self Portrait

And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and had a good purpose and that is why I made art. – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Harvest Moon


Some big changes, means a lack of posting recently.
I’ll be back with new things for the site after the new year.
Until then this is what I’ve seen, lately. delancy danceofhimetviewfromherebushwickequalizerleavesinparkjust someone looking out
When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. – Ansel Adams